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What kind of ways do you like to get creative? Write a story? Paint a picture? Put on a play? I know our users are super creative!

@Montyson3: You solution: Use

@Montyson3: You solution: Use a starter with a story that makes sense with the starter, and use all the spaces to make a story (a funny one if you can).

I get creative by doing near

I get creative by doing near impossible things. (e.g. Like Fish Hooks)

And an idea for an update: I want to be able to make longer videos, and make the site more like GoAnimate, if you've checked that out. Also, a character creator.

I play Zimmer Twins. It lets

I play Zimmer Twins. It lets me unleash my creative side while I make tons of silly movies!


YES GO SEAHAWKS! XD The ads were funny...

Back on topic,

This is why we have ZT! We can make movies about whatever we want and have the Twins and 13 go on adventures because we are the directors and there's no network to boss us around!

@Rad256 I love the Peanuts cartoons! ^_^

Gosh, no one saw that

Gosh, no one saw that coming

I stuffed myself with Carne asada fries and fried chicken

Yeah! 48 to 8!

Yeah! 48 to 8!

the seahawks creamed them

the seahawks creamed them

I bet the next 2 blogs will

I bet the next 2 blogs will be about the Winter Olympics and Valentine's Day. I mean it's already February 3rd the Olympics are in 4 days and Valentine's Day in 11.
I e-mailed the mods to make a Valentine's Day Challenge without a prize like JCee did in 2012.

@catboy Your right! They did


Your right! They did win!



I'd really like to write a

I'd really like to write a movie.

I made about over 200

I made about over 200 animated shorts when I used to have Flipnote Hatena, but that shut down :( I have an idea for a TV Show, but I doubt I'd get there. Still, being an animator/storyboard artist would be great c: It's just people reject heaps and heaps of ideas for TV Shows :\

@imastamper I've wanted to

I've wanted to make TV shows ever since I was small. But now, besides make some small movie roles I want to make a TV series similar to Qubo's "Jacob Two-Two" and comics/TV specials similar to "Peanuts".

Well, after school on Friday,

Well, after school on Friday, January 31st, I started Winter Break (Before any little kid says that they have winter break in December - we have HOLIDAY break around Christmas and New Year too) which divides the two semesters. Today is Sunday, February 2nd and since yesterday I've been staying at our PATERNAL grandparents' house with our dad and my sister has at our MATERNAL with our mom. Yesterday me and dad went skiing for the first time this winter :D

@imastamper wow! Pretty cool!

@imastamper wow! Pretty cool!

I write music, I like

I write music, I like drawing, too. I even make Zimmer Twins Pictures!

In creative arts camp at my Church, I always entered Drama. As a back up, I had Dance and Art. I actually really don't like dancing anymore. When I move too much I start hurting.

When I grow up, I want to be an animator. I made an original series. Me and my sister are working on a pilot. (I'm doing all the work... she's just voicing some characters...) We did a Thanksgiving episode and are working on a Christmas one!

I agree!

I agree!

@below Nope, I went to one in

@below Nope, I went to one in another state.

What's movie camp? I've never

What's movie camp? I've never heard of it, and I'd be willing to bet it's something that's only in your local area, Cash.

I love writing stories I

I love writing stories I wanna be a actor when I grow up and I hope I become famous!!!

I just realized some people

I just realized some people here feel like they do not have the right skills to be an actor....that's just sad....well for those who wanted to become one..convince your parents to sign you up for movie-camp! Once you get an award from movie-camp your parents will support and you will become better. That is what happened to me when I got "Best Actor". Sometimes, I dont feel comfortable sharing my memories of awards...It almost feels like bragging...

(Keep in note that I am currently sick)

Since we don't have the

Since we don't have the Superbowl, I like, know nothing about it, haha.

@catboy Yeah, the mods never

Yeah, the mods never blog about the Super Bowl :P I'm SURE they will make a Winter Olympics blog soon - they do it EVERYTIME there is an Olympics.

@catboy It's not literally

It's not literally that I learn something new every day, but it's an expression (you learn something new every day).
Also, I doubt the Mods will care unless somebody flags you.

Lastly, I don't remember the mods making any Super Bowl blogs? But then again, I don't pay attention to the Super Bowl and only have the faintest idea of what it is.
-Blah :)

Yeah, I hope the mods don't

Yeah, I hope the mods don't consider this giving personal information, but I use to live in Turlock, California (where I experienced winter)

I also lived in San Francisco, which is where I discovered baseball and the SF Giants

Also, @Blah, what did you learn about me yesterday? The day before that?

I'm surprised the mods didn't make a Super Bowl post

no, I always have...just not

no, I always have...just not so cal

@catboy Oh, you didn't always

Oh, you didn't always live in California? I learn new things about you every day :P
-Blah :)

@Blah I have experienced

@Blah I have experienced winter (I didn't always live in So. Cal, and I prefer three seasons to four

@catboy Yeah, you said that

Yeah, you said that there is snow in the mountains in California.
-Blah :)

@Blah I actually have played

@Blah I actually have played in the snow, and I know where to go to play in the snow.

I LOVE to draw.

I LOVE to draw.

I actually want to be a

I actually want to be a YouTuber. I think I'd do pretty good on there.

I like to make Zimmer twin

I like to make Zimmer twin videos.

@Catboy You might think that

You might think that winter sucks, but trust me, it's better to have four seasons than none, and I say that from experience as a Canadian who has actually experienced all four seasons (have you ever seen snow :P?). Admittedly, summer and hot weather is my favourite, but that doesn't mean winter is a terrible thing. Winter is good until you have to shovel snow xD
-Blah :)

O_o who are you??? (well,

O_o who are you???

(well, it's basically life without winter...which I can totally live with. It's also cheaper when you buy clothes)

Hey rad, HMU on the ZT Wikia. I want to discuss something there that we can't really discuss here.

@catboy Cool, I'd so hire


Cool, I'd so hire you! Also, I will die if I can't have all 4 seasons. Summer's fun - but if I don't have autumn, winter and spring I will go crazy!

No! Dude, southern California

No! Dude, southern California is DA BOMB!!!
I'm serious, I've been to other places. No snow. NO SNOW! YOU CAN WEAR SHORTS ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

And, if you WANT to go to the snow, you just drive to the mountains. If you live in LA (I don't), it's a half-hour drive (I think....)
Hey, I can be a voice actor on an animated show for you! I can totally see that working!


@catboy I might want to try


I might want to try the keyboard and maybe rapping again, I love music a lot. But even if I become a famous musician, I will STILL make some cartoons and TV shows :P

Also, I am TOTALLY not going to live in Los Angeles full-time! I'll probably live somewhere in Eastern Canada, the Northern Plains or New England :P

@rad you can get better. I

@rad you can get better. I use to be horrible at guitar.

Oh well, you can write my biography then xD

@catboy Meh, I wanted to be


Meh, I wanted to be an actor when I was 7-11. But now, I realized that I suck at it :P Also, I love music, but I just SUCK at singing and rapping too :/

But, since I want to be famous, but not TOO famous (I don't want paparazzi following me around every second of my life, but I want people to remember me after I die) I will probably write some books and poems, maybe create and work on some animated kid's TV shows (I already have ideas)


@rad256 I thought you wanted

@rad256 I thought you wanted to become an actor/rapper.

I wanted to collabowrite with you when we grew up and were both famous D:


I've always wanted to be an

I've always wanted to be an artist too. I look back at my pictures from kindergarten and say, "wow! That's bad!" But my friends say, "That's really good!"

I draw, a lot. I've been

I draw, a lot. I've been drawing since Year 7 and I really want to be an animator/storyboard artist and hopefully, make my own cartoon :D Since, I'm only a few years away from going into University, that is what I wanna do c:

I also do drama class at school and after school :) I love doing drama!

I've also animated a lot of times before and I used to write Fanfictions (not really anymore). I want to practice more on my drawing c:

I sometimes draw comics and I

I sometimes draw comics and I have Drama/Theatre class at school. I might want to become a cartoonist and author when I grow up. Of course, I also try to be creative on ZT, but my movies don't get recognized as much anymore :(

Please stop spamming. It's not funny, it's not cool, it's just ridiculous.



I use my imagionation ALOT. I

I use my imagionation ALOT. I mean seriously! I pretended Sonic (The Hedgehog) was with me! If I didn't see Cloudy Of A Chance Of Meatballs 2! And if my sister didn't have a ZT account, I WOULDN'T BE HERE! D:

Kelley! Nooooooo... Now your

Kelley! Nooooooo... Now your gone????

No Subject

I agree!

@Blah One day the blog will

One day the blog will be... "Hi"

Dibs on spammng about

Dibs on spammng about everything we talk about.


NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!