Edgar the Turkey

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Tobycat's new must-see is so wacky that it will put all of our American users in a jolly Thanksgiving mood!

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I love this movie! It's going straight into my favorites!

I wonder why so many

I wonder why so many spotlights leave ZT
It's sad.
I wonder why Wordgirl won't renew

@Gia, wow, that's exactly why

@Gia, wow, that's exactly why I play guitar today XD. It's fun, especially if you like Rock. But there's guitar in all sorts of music, especially if you look hard.

@Blah and Jaaszi I play piano

@Blah and Jaaszi
I play piano too! I also do singing I don't like piano so I'm gonna switch to gatar

@Blah I play piano too!

I play piano too!

The weather stinks. A

The weather stinks. A hurricane has been affecting us in Europe.
Last night, the winds were so strong. It was the first time I saw lightning in December! Today (Friday, December 6th) snow flurries were falling and later it got very windy again. A kid in my class was absent because the wind destroyed his roof!!! Tomorrow the winds will die down, but as much as 15cm of snow is expected!
So far 4 people were killed by the hurricane here in POLAND alone. The damage was worse in the UK.

I recently found that the top

I recently found that the top 5 most used passwords are (in decreasing order): 123456, password, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, qwerty, and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.
(had to put spaces between the 3rd and the 5th one because of the555-5555 thing. Seriously, what is up with that?)
I hope no one here has the password of anything listed above. If so, you must really not care about the security of your account.

@catboy I play piano and

I play piano and clarinet! I could be a part of your band if it existed :)
-Blah :)

I wish I could start a band

I wish I could start a band with rad and imastamper....I know rad likes to rap, both ima and I play guitar and I play drums. I also sing and rap too (I don't know very many songs but I sound SWEET!)
Too bad it could never happen :(.......


Anyone want to play a game on

Anyone want to play a game on this blog?
Everytime you post, you also post the name of an active nonvip, active vip, or well-known vip member on the Zimmer twins. The catch is, the username you post must start with the last letter of the last username. I'll start (Do this on conversation posts too):

@rad256 This isn't going to

This isn't going to turn into a fight. Also, I doubt it is a coincidence: Maybe the mods thought I deserved the Must See, but I doubt they would have done it without reading the comments I posted on the blog.
-Blah :)

@Blah I was just joking. It

I was just joking. It probably was a coincidence that you got it right after complaining.


@catboy Complaining about

Complaining about newcomers getting all the must-see's and myself only having one (until now!)
-Blah :)

Wait, I think I'm lost. What

Wait, I think I'm lost. What did I do? :P

@rad256 But also, I was not

But also, I was not criticizing. I wasn't saying what they were doing is wrong... I just said that I understood WHY they were doing it. But it IS a bit unfair, though...
-Blah :)

@rad256 Lol. Well, it was all

Lol. Well, it was all three of us who were doing it actually (Rad256, myself and Catboy).

But anyway, thank you so much for the Must See, mods! That is, if you really think I deserve it, not just because I complained...But still, thank you guys for listening to my comment!
-Blah :)

@Blah You just got a must see

You just got a must see after criticizing the mods' behavior towards new users/quitting users and after complaining you haven't had one in a while.

Coincidence? #iThinkNot :$

@rad256 Yeah. Also, notice

Yeah. Also, notice that many users started to lose interest in ZT after a while and then attempted to quit. After a while, they returned, and suddendly they got a lot of must-see's, probably because the Mods didn't want these users to lose interest again. You are an example of this, Rad. You got a LOT of must see's after attempting to quit. Wildcat4 is another example of this; She got bored of ZT in August 2012, and she only renewed recently; And right away She got a must see.
-Blah :)

@Blah Yeah, that's a good

Yeah, that's a good theory. Especially since a lot of their must sees aren't very good.

Hey guys, check out the two

Hey guys, check out the two new chains I started!

@rad256 I think the Mods give

I think the Mods give the new users more Must Sees to attract newcomers; Old members like me might not be here in 2 or 3 years. Newcomers like them probably will. The Mods probably want to make sure that the newcomers get more must sees so they stay interested and keep renewing. I hope the Mods will give me some Must Sees, I think some of my movies do deserve it.
-Blah :)

@Blah Maybe you should have a

Maybe you should have a few more must-sees, but maybe the mods just don't think your movies deserve it. I like a lot of your movies, but maybe the mods don't. Judging by some of the must sees I see lately, they probably have a weird taste :P

@rad256 Well, with all that

Well, with all that taken into account, I still think I should have more must-see's: I'm sure that at least a couple of the movies I made between July 2011 and now deserve to be must-sees.
Thanks catboy! I like your movies too!
-Blah :)

lol I usually don't get in

lol I usually don't get in the holiday spirit until around the 20th :P

Yet I still make Christmas movies XD

@Blah I actually agree with you....You do deserve more Must-sees, I've seen your movies

Now that it's December 3rd,

Now that it's December 3rd, I've been getting my HOLIDAY SEASON on! :D

Yes, I have 10 Must Sees, but the last one was made on September 13rd, two weeks after House of Zam started and before SNL returned. And before that, I was making pretty much ONLY real movies.
By real movies I mean movies about Edgar, Eva and 13. Series movies don't count as movies about Edgar, Eva and 13. So, if you made like 50% real movies, or at least 25%, you'd get more must sees.

@Surfer45 Yet, you still have

Yet, you still have more must sees than I do.
-Blah :)

Seeing your guys' discussion

Seeing your guys' discussion prompted me to see when the last time I made a non-series, not To: All, or fake movie video was.

...huh. "Where's The Money?!"
...19 weeks ago.

@rad256 Also, I don't make

Also, I don't make announcement movies or stuff, I haven't made a single one since like 2011... Nowadays, most of my movie ARE either Zimbiru Adventure, Blah's ZT News and Dance Party Friday, which ARE real movies.
Also, Rad, look at how easily you got Must Sees. The Mods practically gave them to you. I mean, your movies ARE good, but still. And I'm not just talking about newcomers. I'm talking about most users.
-Blah :)

@rad256 Well, most of your

Well, most of your movies are either House of Zam episodes or SNL episodes but you still have like, 10 Must See's or something.... And most users don't make 'real' movies regularly: Most people's movie are episodes of a series, or something else like you said. For example, the last movie you made was '13's Thanksgiving Prank 6 days ago, and before that you made One Autumns Halloween 5 weeks ago. That's not that often either.
-Blah :)

@Blah Yeah, I agree that it's

Yeah, I agree that it's getting easier for newcomers to get must sees, and some of them aren't even very good movies.
But, I think I know why you only have 1 Must See: You barely make any "real movies". Pretty much every movie you make is Dance Party Friday or a different series, or an info movie like your 6th Anniversary Message or an announcement movie or something. If you made more real movies, then maybe you would get a lot more must sees.

I was just looking through my

I was just looking through my movies, and I still have 1 Must-See movie. I'm not trying to whine, but it seems like the majority of ZT users have a lot more Must-Sees than I do... and the only Must-See I have was way back in July 2011...
Anyway, I am honestly starting to think that most users get Must-Sees more easily than I do. I mean, we have some users who joined a few months ago, and have already gotten several must-sees. I think it's a bit unfair that my movies are so ignored...
-Blah :)

@What Ever Hi there, What

@What Ever
Hi there, What Ever! If you want to chat, then come to Photo-Bo's Page and type something.
-Blah :)

No Subject

Ha Ha! That is hilarious, good job!

3rd time mentioned Ina a blog

3rd time mentioned Ina a blog post :D

@GamingCash Okay. -Blah :)

-Blah :)

@Blah No nothing

No nothing inappropriate its a video game that has a violent title I will tell you it on your talk in the wiki and you'll understand

Soniciscool? That's a werid

Soniciscool? That's a werid user name!

No Subject

I agree!

@GamingCash Cool! Since I

Cool! Since I live in Canada, I have Thanksgiving in October, which is one month earlier. But I celebrate Hannukah as well! Why is would it violate the terms of use? Did you get something innapropriate for Hannukah?
-Blah :)

@Blah Yeah I do! Its hard to

Yeah I do! Its hard to celebrate two holidays at once, in this case Thanksgivakuh.

I would like to mention the favorite thing I got in Hannukah so far. But it may violate the terms of use.

@GamingCash You celebrate

You celebrate Hannukah? So do I!
-Blah :)

Yesterday was

Yesterday was Hannukah+Thanksgiving for me. So……Do you guys think it is possible to feel sick when you ate 7 turkeys in a row?

Yesterday was the BEST

Yesterday was the BEST THANKSGIVING EVER. Why? STEAK. Or was it tri-tip? I don't know.

I like thanksgiving, I think

I like thanksgiving, I think maybe even more than Christmas.....:)
Unfortunately, my Thanksgiving movie may not come out on time :(

@rad256 Yeah, and since I'm

Yeah, and since I'm Jewish, I'm celebrating Hannukah at the moment! But honestly, I don't think any of these holidays will be around in 70,000 years, so we can consider this a once in a lifetime experience!
-Blah :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I just finished watching The Thanksgiving speaicle of Charlie Brown!

It's a rare occasion - the

It's a rare occasion - the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars rarely mix - but today, it's the first day of Hanukkah AND Thanksgiving. This won't happen again for 70,000 years!

I'm so happy I hope you enjoy

I'm so happy I hope you enjoy the rest of my movie's!:)

@catboy Told you she's an

Told you she's an awesome movie maker!
-Blah :)