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Thanks to a great suggestion by rad256!

What's your favourite subject in school?

English / Health / HomeEc

English / Health / HomeEc

No Subject

I agree!

No Subject

I disagree!

No Subject

Keep up the fantabulous movie making! Wow!

make sure to watch edgar is

make sure to watch edgar is famous part 3! i made the movie awesome!

i want to be in the

i want to be in the spotlight, though i can't because i only have one series of edgar is famous and i need alot more movies, too.

i love math! its amzing! here

i love math! its amzing! here is a riddle

i ate and ate till i was sick on the floor, 8 times 8 is 64!

guys leave catboy alone!!!!!!

guys leave catboy alone!!!!!! he is not mean at all! @rad256

@rad256 hope you dont lose

@rad256 hope you dont lose power because I live in NJ so in Hurricane Sandy we were one of the states that got hit the hardest

Well, a hurricane-force storm

Well, a hurricane-force storm is brewing here in Europe. I don't think it's an official hurricane, with an eye and everything, but the winds meet the criteria. It's one of our infamous European windstorms. It's nothing deadly, and not a natural disaster, just a huge storm.

Yesterday, and on this not-so-fine Monday afternoon, the British Isles and Scandinavia are experiencing the storm. Poland and Central Europe will be even less affected, only heavy rain this whole week, which is starting.

Hey guys, made an important

Hey guys, made an important movie if you were a fan of AYZE? or like my movies it's called Series Stuff (I'm surprised I couldn't think of something better) please check it out

@Blah you should make another

@Blah you should make another episode of ZT Breakfast news! (Haha, convenient how I remember that when I have a must-see XD)

Yeah, I agree with you on

Yeah, I agree with you on that! (Blah)

@Catboy I never said you HAVE

I never said you HAVE to be popular to be on spotlight. But you have to be among the best ZT moviemakers to deserve spotlight, and ThomasSlam was.
Nobody's arguing...
-Blah :)

Guys stop the argument

Guys stop the argument already. If you wanna continue it, don't continue it on the blog because it's being derailed, due it on mc21's movie "I'm on the spotlight!" Because it's already starting there tool....

@blah see ThomasSlam. Was he

@blah see ThomasSlam. Was he popular? no. Deserving? yes. @rad 10 MS, 350 CP. Huh. See 555-5555

@catboy That's not really the

That's not really the point of the spotlight. At least not officially. 90% of the time, it's for ZT Users who are among the best movie makers and actually deserve spotlight. Maybe you'll be on it one day, every good ZT User gets their moment to shine, and you will get it too. It just might not be today.
-Blah :)

@Rad and Catboy It's rare of

@Rad and Catboy
It's rare of me to join in Conversation on the Blog now. But I had to join this one. I, personally, also thought I did not deserve the Spotlight because I thought it was for the Best Movie-makers ever. But as more and more users got on the Spotlight and I was out on the dust, I realized those people need it more than me. Then, to my surprise, I got on the Spotlight due to Popular Demand! Thanks again guys.

Hehe rad catboy isnt mean he

Hehe rad catboy isnt mean he tries not to be. So you may have not known until this year but its because he took a short break as read in his wiki page.

Catboy.... Well, that's what

Catboy.... Well, that's what I've been thinking about the must sees lately, but not the spotlight. Mc21 is a great movie maker and she was always very famous since 2011, while I didn't know who you were until 2013.

I know why you're really not on spotlight, because you're impatient and mean to everybody :(

This is the last thing I'm gonna say because this will turn into a riot soon.

I really love art because I

I really love art because I love drawing!

Actually, that was the

Actually, that was the original point of the spotlight. But lately, it seems that the spotlight is used to draw attention to less well-known yet deserving movie-makers.

I don't think that I need that. No offense to anyone.

@catboy Let me explain. The

Let me explain. The spotlight is a selection of the most popular and best movie-making ZT Users, all of which are chosen by the ZT Site Editors. For more information, you can click on the actual spotlight. :)
-Blah :)

Well Yeah If catboy knew the

Well Yeah If catboy knew the real point of spotlight why didnt he comment it?

Well what is the real point

Well what is the real point of spotlight then, catboy?

Now I think I get the REAL

Now I think I get the REAL point of spotlight, ha. Makes me understand why I'm not on it (I'm not complaining). Also, YAY MUST-SEE! :D

Congratz mc21 for the

Congratz mc21 for the spotlight, and my sister sue22 and catboy for the must sees!

BTW, I am going on a overnight field trip on Thursday, September 19th and Friday, September 20th so I won't be on ZT, but after that it's a big part of the Zimmer Annual Party - RAD'S SATURDAY FALL FEST!

Haha, I still am on summer

Haha, I still am on summer vacation

No Subject

I bet this took a lot of work!

Schedule: Monday,Wednesday,Fr

Monday,Wednesday,Friday: Homeroom, Honors Math, Honors Reading, Honors English, Honors Science, Lunch, Intermediate Band, Honors History.

Tuesday,Thursday: Same as the other days, but it's Media Tech instead of Intermediate Band.

Computer Class!!!!

Computer Class!!!!

Note: I did the schedule for

Note: I did the schedule for me. Some people might have German or French when I have Spanish, or English instead of Advanced English, or Computers when I have Advanced English.

Also, Conversations is like a class of communicating in English. Our teacher of that is Brian Scott, a famous Polish journalist and TV personality from Guyana! He also teaches us Sociology when we have it in English

Schedule: Mon | 8:10 - 3:20 |


Mon | 8:10 - 3:20 | Religion, Geography, Polish, Conversations, Spanish, Chemistry, History, Sociology
Tue | 8:10 - 3:45 | Spanish, Math in English, Religion, Advanced English, Biology, Geography in English, Swimming
Wed | 8:10 - 3:20 | Sociology in English, Polish, Math, Computers, Advanced English, Physics, Theater
Thu | 8:10 - 2:25 | Polish, Advanced English, History, Music, Math, Facts of Life
Fri | 8:10 - 3:30 | Polish, Math, Spanish, Homeroom, Advanced English, Gym

I really like PE because PE =

I really like PE because PE = Little League for me :D. Also, I think I'm getting Guitar lessons in Music Ed this year. ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Guys, I have a GREAT movie coming out tonight! Preview: Heffley, Cat, Greg

I'm homeschooled. In regular

I'm homeschooled. In regular school, PE = Gym


@Rad256 Cool! I am in a

Cool! I am in a French bilingual class in school, so I have a few other classes in French such as Geography.
-Blah :)

Yes me and sue22 have Spanish

Yes me and sue22 have Spanish in school. Our school has English or Advanced English (based on test scores) as the main foreign language, and German or French or Spanish (you can pick) as the secondary foreign language. We both took Spanish. In my old school I learned German for two years and I remember little, but I got good grades XD

Btw, I'm in a bilingual (Polish + English) class so I have Math, Geography and Sociology in English, not Polish.

I will post my school schedule here soon!

I take Spanish classes. The

I take Spanish classes. The teacher is very nice, she's my favorite teacher EVER and It's not hard really.

Yay! Blog I suggested about

Blog I suggested about favorite school subjects + My username mentioned in the blog + Poll + New Must See by stylin also about school (Homework Blues)

My 5 favorite subjects in no specific order: Theatre, Spanish, Geography, History, English. (So yes, I picked "Other")

"I'll just leave what number

"I'll just leave what number comment I got and not even answer the question!"
On-Topic: History

History and Geography are my

History and Geography are my favourites, so I voted 'Other'. And as I expected, Gym got the most votes on the poll xD
-Blah :)

I like art and English c: I

I like art and English c:
I also generally like working with computers, but that's not really an independent school subject.

4th Gym!

4th Gym!

3rd! I like Language Arts 800


I like Language Arts 800 and History 800. Oh! And General Science II!!! So, basically everything except Math and Art. I don't have P.E.