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I wish I didn't do this whole publicity stunt.
I made a pretty big riot about me "converting" but I just did it for popularity...


I wish I never admitted this

I wish I never admitted this on ZT, or at least hadn't made a big deal out of it. Or maybe I should have just not said so when Ben99 was on :$



I wish we all hadn't made a

I wish we all hadn't made a big deal about my conversion.

I didn't even end up converting to Buddhism. I am still religion lost though.
But since I still believe in the one Abrahamic God, I will most likely convert to another Abraham Religion, like Judaism or Islam, since they believe in the same God as Christians.
Probably Islam though.

But I am just gonna forgot about this, until I'm an adult at least, because I just want to live a normal child life.


-McQueen100 >:(

Whatever. That is not the

Whatever. That is not the reason I left Christianity anyways. Check out some stories of people who converted FROM Christianity to any religion. But the most interesting are the ones who converted to Islam. So check out the stories of some converts like Jamie the Hollywood Girl or Nicole Queen. Also Turning Muslim in Texas. You might get the idea.

@RAD An idol is anything you

An idol is anything you put before God, and idol can be tv, if you put in in 1st place in your life. A statue isn't an idol unless you worship it. Like I know Catholics somethimes ( I'm not a catholic) but sometimes they have statues of Mary and so forth. I know like Catholics is some central countries use that statue to worship Mary. just because you have a statue doesn't mean its an idol.

Then how come it says "of

Then how come it says "of ANYTHING"

@Rad They're talking about

They're talking about the father of Jesus, because no one's really seen HIM. People HAVE seen Jesus before, though.

Well, the Roman Catholic

Well, the Roman Catholic Church isn't following Commandment 2
Yusuf Estes explained this:
"...the second commandment you have clearly states that 'Thou shall not make any idol, any image of anything that creeps upon the Earth, swims in the sea beneath or flies in the air above' and I was sitting in a church one day and I was looking, on the front of the podium there was an image of a fish then I looked up and it had a statue of doves, then I saw Jesus on a cross. They had them all"

Well, that technically means

Well, that technically means AT LEAST 20% of Christians aren't true.

@rad That's true. But not all

That's true. But not all Americans are Christians. Even people profess to be Christians but they aren't. Just because you say you are doesn't mean you are. Like for instance, just because you say chicken is fish doesn't mean its fish. People lie. And like I said some Christians are very carnal (sinful) but they still have Jesus in their hearts. But Jesus isn't in the sin. Jesus can't be with sin so we have to confess our sins and he will remove them as far as the east is from the west.

Yes, but the western world is

Yes, but the western world is worser than the other countries.
I mean look at all the inappropriate stuff going on in the western world.
I can't mention them because I'd get flagged and banned, but would you see any of that 'stuff' going on at night in Riyadh or at night in Calcutta.
Probably not.
So I'm just saying...most people in the western world don't even care about their religion (Christianity)
So a lot of Christians don't even take their religion seriously.

@Kelley I would've said that

@Kelley I would've said that but I didn't have time..:)

@patrickx22, I know,

I know, right?
Nice one!!!!

@Kelly Amen

@Kelly Amen

CONTINUE.D There are alot of

There are alot of different Christians. The word Christian means christ like. if we just believe in God and that Jesus died on the cross for us then we are saved and we are Christians. It might not be strict to you because God is so merciful. But if we follow and believe the Lord thats all that matters. Yes Christians are bad at times because we are humans to. We aren't perfect. But we should strive to be Christ like.

@ rad256 I see why you are

@ rad256
I see why you are confused. The 10 commandments are still in affect but if you broke 1 commandment, for instance lets say you lied, it says in the bible if you have broe 1 commandment ( which we all have) we have broken them all. In the bible its not saying we have to be perfect which we aren't we ask God to forgive us. It says in 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins He is faithful, and just to forgive us our sins and to cleasne us from all unrighteousness. TBC

Wow...weird. Well Buddhists

Wow...weird. Well Buddhists respect other religions. So I would NEVER do that.

@Rad, I had a dream and I

@Rad, I had a dream and I don't mean to offend you but the dream was... I said "THANK GOD" on this blog or something, and you got mad at me. Then you started making movies saying bad things about me and then Iceskater said I was weird. O_o Weird dream...

Well I still prefer the

Well I still prefer the teachings of Buddhism

Its really sad how the fake

Its really sad how the fake Christians push growing Christians away.

@rad IKR sad

@rad IKR sad

Well, if that's true than

Well, if that's true than that makes 75% or more Christians not real Christians since barely any Christians follow the 10 Commandments.

@rad you didn't offend me I

@rad you didn't offend me I see why you did that. But some of those Christian that claim to be Christian and doing what the world is doing or what sinners are doing and doing bad stuff aren't really Christian. They do what everyone else does like all that bad stuff. But real Christians follow the ten Commandments and believe anything in the bible wither they like or not. So f you see a Christian do anything he/she wants that the flesh wants she/he is not real Christians

So that is why I converted.

So that is why I converted. Those comments were NOT meant to offend Christians.

(CONTINUED) Another reason

Another reason was because I was lost.
I knew there was a god/gods but I didn't know which one. The Hindi deities, Greek gods, God, etc. it can be anyone.
I heard about isn't directly based on the existence of a god/gods. It is based on the teachings of Siddharta Gautama Buddha.
He was a prince who left his palace to find the reason for life, and finally, he achieved nirvana. I was so amazed by his teachings, I kept reading and learning until I decided to convert.

Well I guess the reason I

Well I guess the reason I converted was...
In Christianity there are like no strict rules
So many people in Christian countries are doing bad things, while in other religions you have to be good and stuff. And there is limited freedom. And sometimes that limited freedom can be good.
Another reason I left is because Christians are apparently "tolerant" but they're always hinting that Christianity is best.

@rad256 this might be a

@rad256 this might be a personal question and I understand if you don't want to tell but why did you change

You didn't offend me. And

You didn't offend me. And anyways,
I am Buddhist. Used to be Christian, but not anymore.

I am SO Christian!!!! And in

I am SO Christian!!!! And in Christian, I am Catholic!

i am a Christian @rad256 if

i am a Christian
if i offened u in anyway i am sorry please 4give me







Let's talk about religion.

Let's talk about religion. It's an interesting topic. But let's not argue...
What religion are you guys?

No Subject

I disagree!

He was also an atheist, so,

He was also an atheist, so, uh...

@Kelley Yeah, Buddha wasn't a

Yeah, Buddha wasn't a god. He was a teacher.

@Kelley Buddha is not a god.

Buddha is not a god. Buddha was a human being who believed in peace.



I have 15 cousins!! My dad's

I have 15 cousins!! My dad's side has 15, my mom's has 4. How does this add up, you ask? Well, My brother and I are 2 of the 15 and the 4, therefore it would be 13 and 2. 13 + 2 = 15! My dad has 2 brothers and 5 sisters, and my mom has 2 brothers and no sisters.

My grandpa had about 8

My grandpa had about 8 half-siblings (His other siblings had another mother, since he was the oldest and his mom died at birth)
I think my other grandpa had about 10.
My grandma had 6, but my other grandma only 1 sibling. (like me)
My mom has 4 and my dad 2
I think one of my great-grandmas had over 10.

@Rad, My grandfather on my

My grandfather on my mom's side had 8 brothers and 2 sisters! So that's 10 siblings, and he's the oldest. So 11 kids in all. XD

So the truth is we are all

So the truth is we are all Middle Eastern. (Many people suspect the first people were born around present-day Iran or Iraq)

My family is HUGE! My

My family is HUGE! My great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents each had so many kids. Some of them even had around 10 kids.

And the truth is, we are all related. The first people on Earth are everybody's ancestors. So we are all VERY VERY VERY distant relatives to each other.

@wordgirl, My grandma looked

My grandma looked it up on and my cousin thought so too. That's how it's a rumor.

I actually know Andrzej Rzany

I actually know Andrzej Rzany very well! We went to his house just a few days ago (he's the father of my second cousin, the one whose house we want to to meet with her Aussie friends)

I'm related to some type of

I'm related to some type of Arch-bishop or Pope. I'm not sure if I'm related to some past Pope. It's more like a rumor. :/ There's also a rumor i'm related to some Portugeuse colonists that landed in Colombia. We're not exactly sure which one of my great-great-great-great grandfathers or uncles was them, but it's the reason for my Portugeuse heritiage. LOL

@Ben Where'd the rumor come

Where'd the rumor come from? Got papers from his journal or something? XD