Merry Christmas

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I don't know about you but I had a great Christmas so far. Do you have any special family traditions that you do year after year on Christmas? In our family we open one gift on Christmas Eve. What about you?

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I love this movie! It's going straight into my favorites!

We open one gift, too in my

We open one gift, too in my family! But it's always clothes.

JCee's first blog since

JCee's first blog since forever xP

@rad256 Okay, but, here we

Okay, but, here we barely get much snow or cold weather at this time of year. Most of the time (at this time of year), it's mild and gloomy (not this year though, because we had a winter storm, but ussually it is). So I prefer going back to sunny early October when it's 15-25C rather than December when it's 0 to 5C. But, I guess we all have our different opinions!
-Blah :)

@Blah No way. Now that its

No way. Now that its the holidays, going back to Early October SUCKS because it ruins the holidays.
You don't celebrate Christmas, so you don't understand that it doesn't feel very Christmassy without cold weather and snow. Even though it isn't snowing, there is cold weather, so going back to Early October is horrible.

@rad256 So you travel back to

So you travel back to October! :D I'd rather be in Early October than December: It would still be warm.
-Blah :)

I complained this year how it

I complained this year how it didn't feel like Christmas ever happened because it passed by so fast and there wasn't snow, etc. Well, you know we have this big piece of land up in the hills. So yesterday I went to that plantation with my dad for the first time since early Dec. and I totally regret it. There was still a bunch of un-raked leaves there, piles of leave so It started to feel like November. Then the sun came out of the clouds- there was a sunset making it feel like early October :/

deadfly2 My grandma is never

My grandma is never here for christmas so we always get to open her presents early!

@Halekei What do you

What do you mean?
-Snow on Christmas isn't very common, and it has no snow until Christmas Day (evening) in the special
-It shows about how the family spends time together. While in Charlie Brown its obviously an only-kids cast, and in Popeye, Popeye is just spending time at his girlfriend's house.
-It shows Arthur and his friends not only celebrating Christmas, but also Hanukkah,Kwanzaa and St. Lucia's Day. While in the other specials
everybody celebrates Christmas

@Rad256,Arthur is

@Rad256,Arthur is unrealistic.

Well in Poland you open

Well in Poland you open you're presents on Christmas Eve. Christmas isn't really fun. But yesterday I had a blast with my cousin though rad wasn't playing with us most of the time he was on the computer like he always dose when we go to are grandma's and grandpa's xP

This year I watched many

This year I watched many specials. "Popeye: Mister and Mistletoe" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "Arthur's Perfect Christmas". My favorite, is the last, because the Popeye and Charlie Brown specials are un-realistic. The Charlie Brown one- there is SO MUCH SNOW. And they (kids) are putting up a play ALONE. Popeye= an unrealistic amount of snow, they only start decorating on X-mas Eve, the special lasts 7 minutes! While Arthur lasts an hour, it shows realistic stuff like no X-mas snow.

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I disagree!

@me, Whoops, $200 bucks was

Whoops, $200 bucks was redundant!!

@okaysee, I got an iPod Touch

I got an iPod Touch for $200 bucks which I had to save up for myself.

I GOT AN I PHONE 4S!!!!!!!

I GOT AN I PHONE 4S!!!!!!!

What I did for Christmas, my

What I did for Christmas, my sister woke me up to show me what Santa got, (Like every year!) then, my dad woke up, then my brother and mom. We opened presents, then we played with the stuff we got, and then, we went to my cousin's house, after that, I watched my 2 movies (I got 3 actully.) that I got. Right now, my sister is play my Wii game Mario Kart Wii. (I GOT 3 UNLOCKABLE CHRACTERS ALREADY! :D)

@rad256 Yeah, that's true for

Yeah, that's true for me too! The holidays passed very quickly. But realize that, there's still a week of holidays left (until New Years). Today is unseasonably cold here, its only -4C and Windchill -12C. The average here for this time of year is 0C.
A winter storm is coming and we could get winds up to 40 km/h and up to 15cm of snow! There hasn't been such a big winter storm like this for a long time (most winter storms bring under 10cm here).
-Blah :)

@catboy I always wait until

I always wait until 12:00 AM to open presents too but this year i didn't

I can't believe how fast

I can't believe how fast Christmastime passed by this year.
Feels like it never happened!

Mainly because:
-There was no snow since early Dec.
-We only got our Tree a week before Christmas, and only decorated it on Saturday the 22nd.
-We didn't have much of presents. Not everybody gave everybody presents.
-Christmas Day was pretty boring. After we ate turkey dinner (which was delicious though) we really had nothing to do at Gramma's which is weird since we had so much fun on Wigilia

I got the WiiU!

I got the WiiU!

Today is the 8th anniversary

Today is the 8th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean Boxing Day Earthquake & Tsunami. Over 250,000 people died that day in (among others) Indonesia, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka.

I got an iPod

I got an iPod Touch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im doing this from it!!!!! I payed a lot, but its worth it!!!!!

Your Back!!! :DDD

Your Back!!! :DDD 46 97 (no spaces)

Link to my movie about how I spent my Christmas and about how Poles usually spend it.

My latest movie talks all

My latest movie talks all about how Poles usually celebrate Christmas Eve (Wigilia) including how we open presents on X-mas Eve and how we share wafers to wish luck.
But Christmas and the 2nd Day of Christmas in Poland are not very fun, just a church day. Usually a turkey dinner on Christmas Day.
But I am still gonna have fun. Today we are going to spend our 2nd Day of X-mas with our fun distant cousin and on Friday we will meet with our cousin and her friends! And there's still New Years Eve!

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I agree!

we usually stay up till 12 AM

we usually stay up till 12 AM then open the presents, but we didn't this year

My family opens one present

My family opens one present on Christmas Eve, too!

Well, me and my family

Well, me and my family usually open our stockings first, then we wait until every body is there so we can all open presents together, then (also I got a 3Ds XL! SQEE!!) then we always have our stake for dinner and have our usual dessert! :)

On Christmas morning, the

On Christmas morning, the earliest time we can get up is 7:00 AM Eastern Time. After we wake up, we can open our stockings. After everyone is awake, we find the hidden baby Jesus. After a while, we can open some presents. Then like 10 of our 15 cousins visit for Christmas. They leave around 6:00 PM ET. Currently, it is 7:15 ET.