Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends today. What are you thankful for?

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I agree!

And the slew of removed

And the slew of removed comments begins again.

Oh, wow, that green sidebar

Oh, wow, that green sidebar looks really nice... xD

And even though it seemed

And even though it seemed like I didn't accept what you said, Surfer, I did. Deep down I did because you were concerned for younger kids on the subject of someone's moving on.

@Surfer, well, sorry... I was

well, sorry... I was just offended. When one of my friends is picked on I always stand up for them. Not that you were picking on Rad, but, it gave me that reaction. No offense. Well, forget this. But sometimes it's best to keep things to ourselves. ;) Just try not to take out your anger on others. Trust me, I know how it is. But always think before you act. Whenever you 'attack someone' you don't know how they are in reality. They could be enduring a really bad dilemma.

@Blahbumian 'At's what I want


'At's what I want too.

Also, I find that sort of

Also, I find that sort of offensive because I have emotional problems and more sensitive. It was probably that what caused me almost to cry, not my actions. You're not me, you don't know what it's like to have it, and you jumped to conclusions.

In this life span we cannot

In this life span we cannot expect everyone to agree with us and

the same way. That's why we have to ACCEPT other people for their points of views. I accept YOU Surfer45 and I also ACCEPT Rad256 too. Can you accept Rad? Or are you too full of pride? Pride: Unforgiveful, ungrateful, conceit.

P.S: The last riot we had

P.S: The last riot we had some time back was about Rad's opinion on music. You exaggarated so much that you threatened to leave ZT and spread the riot from the blog to
the video display. You said, "STOP I'M ON THE VERGE OF TEARS" Well maybe you wouldn't have been on the 'verge of tears' if you would have just politely stated your opinion to Rad256 and accept his opinion instead of instantly rebuking him. YOU did it to yourself. YOU are the one who pushed yourself to the verge of tears!



We want peece!

Okay, definition of rude:

definition of rude: Offensively impolite or ill-mannered.
And it was very impolite to start saying things like Rad was profiting from a death, he was begging for sympathy, just because of a small comment he made.
-Blah :)

No, but you have to suddenly

No, but you have to suddenly say out of nowhere that my opinion is just terrible.

They were not rude and

They were not rude and aggresive. I'm sick of you just randomly calling everything I say in this argument rude. NOT EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS RUDE. GROW UP.

But you said "We aren't

But you said "We aren't attacking, we aren't using aggresive actions"
So I have to use aggresive actions to be attacking?
Where was I aggresive?

hi it's called exaggerations

it's called exaggerations

1 of yours. 3 of mine,

1 of yours.
3 of mine, probably the minimum.
Most didn't break a rule.
You are the ones who are attacking, not me. 3 of you suddenly just scream "OGM YUR RUDE!!!!!"
You know what? I quit for atleast a month. I'm sick of all this unnessecary strictness from the mods even when rules aren't broken, when everybody has to burst some TNT at an opinion, and other dumb things. Goodbye.

Surfer, they're not siding.

Surfer, they're not siding. One of my comments got deleted too and we shouldn't be arguing about this on Zimmertwins anyway.

Surfer, get over it. We can't

Surfer, get over it. We can't do anything to change your opinion, and I can't care less that we cant. Just flag rad256 if you want to, but that won't stop us from remembering what he wrote.
@Everybody, keep writing comments NOT ABOUT SURFER45 to push Rad's comment out of view. I'm trying to satisfy everybody. I'm sorry Rad256 but I'm determined to be diplomatic.

I think they're siding with

I think they're siding with you guys because they removed some of my comments even when they didn't break the rules.

@Surfer45 They arent siding

They arent siding with anyone, they are just removing rude or innapropriate comments. That's part of their job. Just dont post rude comments again. Thank you! :)
-Blah :)

Oh, and the mods are siding

Oh, and the mods are siding with you guys even when some of my comments didn't break any rules.

@Rad Okay, well Rad would. He

Okay, well Rad would. He isnt exactly the same as you are.
-Blah :)

I come back online and see 21

I come back online and see 21 new comments. Agreed with Blah and Worldgirl. Surfer, you need to understand what those two have said and quickly remember that. Keep those things in mind when the next time someone very close to you dies.

Surfer, if I was Rad, I would

Surfer, if I was Rad, I would have a blue heart at what you said to me. The guy just lost a family member who was probably very close to him, and yet you dare instantly rebuke him. Yeah, I understand you're trying to be mature. But Rad did nothing wrong, so don't attack him if nobody else agrees. I've noticed you always attack Rad over his choices.

On the bug channel.

On the bug channel.

@Surfer45 You can feel it,

You can feel it, but not express it as well. And anyway, what are we arguing about? The point is, Rad really did nothing wrong.
-Blah :)

Let's look at the definition

Let's look at the definition I posted again?

@Surfer Youre thinking about

Youre thinking about it. That doesnt mean you are mourning.
-Blah :)

But what if I'm thinking

But what if I'm thinking about that person's death when I'm not at a funeral?

@Surfer45 Well thats what

Well thats what people do at a funeral, to express sadness.
-Blah :)

So, basically if I'm sad

So, basically if I'm sad about a death, I have to fast and where black coats every time I think about it even when I'm not at their funeral?
Yeah, no.

@Surfer45 Well that's how you

Well that's how you express sadness for the loss of a person. So that's mourning.
-Blah :)

That's dumb. It never said

That's dumb. It never said anything about fasting or wearing black coats in that 2nd definition.

@Surfer I manipulated you

I manipulated you into saying that I'm right! Try and keep up!
-Blah :)

Wait what?

Wait what?

@Surfer Ecaxtly, thank you

Ecaxtly, thank you for proving my point! :)
-Blah :)

Mourn - verb: 2.Feel regret

Mourn - verb:
2.Feel regret or sadness about (the loss or disappearance of something).

@Surfer Mourning is way more

Mourning is way more serious. Some people fast and wear black clothes, etc. No one was doing that here.
-Blah :)

That is mourning.

That is mourning.

@Surfer45 I understand. But

I understand. But nobody here was mourning or anything. Some people said some small things like 'that's sad' or 'RIP'. That isn't a problem in any way.
-Blah :)

It's called an example.

It's called an example.

@Surfer45 But this isn't a

But this isn't a funeral. No one here is gathering and mourning and all that stuff you are saying. And if a family death is his buisness, it means that it's his buisness whether he decides to share that online or not. And Rad decided to share it.
-Blah :)

@Surfer That is

That is disrespectful. Rad didn't do anything completely wrong. Just because it's bothering you doesn't mean it's wrong. Not everything is how you think it is. So stop being rude, please. Rad wasn't breaking the rules, wasn't causing riot's, and there's no reason why you should attack him. It would be very appreciated if you stopped. Thank you! :)
-Blah :)

@Surfer: Agreed with

@Surfer: Agreed with Wordgirl!! That is really rude of you, man. You don't tell people that they're rude for telling your friends about someone who just recently died, that's horrible of you to say such a thing Surfer. Facts shown if you tell someone about something sad that has happened in your life, even on the internet, it makes you feel better and less sad.

I understand that is the main age range, but I just wanted to say that I was older, actually, a lot of people are older on here.

@Surfer, Let Rad say what he

Let Rad say what he wants.

@Surfer45 Because he feels

Because he feels like it.
-Blah :)

Rad, why are you telling

Rad, why are you telling everyone on a Canadian movie-making website full of 7 - 12 year olds about your great-grannie's sister's death?

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That's a great idea for a movie!



@Rad: That's so sad! I'm

@Rad: That's so sad! I'm sorry to hear that :'(