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Rhymes make for great movies. How many words can you think of that rhyme together? The first person with the most words wins. Website rules in effect of course.

I'll start: rug, bug, pug, lug, snug, dug, tug.

The winners are: Overall

The winners are:

Overall winner of merit: For almost as many rhymes as Hayleyvic, as well as the most entries, and EXTRA points some really inventive ones! including "Suzanne, Tarzan, wingspan" – Nacanaca

#1) For the very first person to answer the question – Rhedd
#2) Winner of the most words under one rhyme – hayleyvic
#3) For the very first answer over 10 words – iashley
#4) For the number of entries – BeBeonetwo

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Great work!

@What Ever Before I told you

@What Ever
Before I told you how hot it is in Canada in the summer, how hot did you think it could get in Canada in the summer?
-Blah :)

@Theodore Happy New Year! :D

Happy New Year! :D I also heard it's the Chinese New Year today! The Vietnamese and Chinese New Year are on the same day!
-Blah :)
PS: We have achieved 100 comments! This is the second blog in ZT History to achieve 100 comments!

@rad256 No offense, but I

No offense, but I think you should read more about the Russian Government. Russia has experienced some Human Rights violations. Also, I think you should read about Vladimir Putin (former President of Russia and current Prime Minister of Russia, and he might become President again in March 2012).
-Blah :)

@Blah What!?! It IS a

What!?! It IS a democracy now. It used to be a monarchy and dictatorship but not anymore.

@Theodore Well, this is

Well, this is partially from the media, and I actually have some family from Russia. I'm not a random person who has NO IDEA what Russia is. Trust me, I'm very familiar with Russia. Maybe I'm being a little bit mean to Russians, so I'll try to talk a bit nicer. But I'm serious, I know that Russia is NOT a developed country, and the people there are mostly poor, and it's NOT a democracy. If I didn't know enough about Russia, I wouldn't judge it.
-Blah :)

@rad256 Of course, not

Of course, not everyone in Russia are poor. Most people are though. They live in small apartments and the average salary is $640 a month ($7680 a year).
-Blah :)

@Blah Really? I know lots of

Really? I know lots of people in Russia,and they're not poor!

@rad256 I know, about what

I know, about what you said about people thinking Poland is poor, many people confuse Poland with Russia. In RUSSIA, everyone is poor. POLAND is not RUSSIA. POLAND has a Human Development Index of over 0.8 and a GDP per capita of
20,000$. As for RUSSIA, they have an HDI of 0.75 and GDP per capita of 10,000$. OBVIOUSLY, Russia is the poor one. So many people think living in Poland is the same as in Russia. Good thing Poland has WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better life than Russia.
-Blah :)

@Hayleyvic Happy Bday. @What

Happy Bday.
@What Ever
Wow, Ikr, people think everywhere is outback!
Canadian stereotypes and Australian stereotypes also say we speak in a British accent! I know that neither Canadians or Australians speak British! Australian accent and Canadian accents sounds closer to American accent to me!
-Blah :)

@What ever IKR? :|

@What ever
IKR? :|

@Rad256: Really? Wow, people

@Rad256: Really? Wow, people just don't know, don't they? XD

@Hayleyvic: Cool! Happy Birthday :)


@What ever,Blahbumian
Yeah.....Everyone thinks in Poland everyone is poor,and lives on an Amish-like farm in the middle of nowhere. And we pronounce "o" lile "OOOOH" when we really pronounce it "UHHHHH"

@Blah: No, I actually thought

@Blah: No, I actually thought it could get pretty warm since many countries (including Canada) get warm :) I know, many people think Canada's always cold! That's like Australia. Many people think we're hot all year round, we ride kangaroo's, everywhere is outback and that we always say 'G'day mate!' I don't think I've ever said 'G'day mate!' to anyone XD

Happy B-day Hayley :D :D :D

Happy B-day Hayley :D :D :D

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I might not be on. Wish me luck for a good birthday!

@What Ever Ikr! Appearantly,

@What Ever
Ikr! Appearantly, Canada and Australia are hotter than some other countries! Many people don't know that Canada can get really hot, many people think we have freezing temperatures all year and that we live in igloos :( Did you know that Canada can get really hot before I told you, or did you think it's realy cold here all the time and we live in igloos? Only answer honestly...
-Blah :)

No Subject

Hmmm… I couldn’t wrap my brain around that one!

@Blah: Yeah, it was quite hot

@Blah: Yeah, it was quite hot last night and I wasn't tired! I remember when you couldn't sleep because it was hot, we were both online :)

stay, may, bay, decay, ay,

stay, may, bay, decay, ay, day, hay, jay, lay, neigh, pay, ray, say, way, nay, hey

Dear Jcee: How can we

Dear Jcee:
How can we accomplish our goals to be featured on the spotlight?
-BeBeonetwo (Thanks!)

@What Ever Goodnight! Is the

@What Ever
Goodnight! Is the reason why you can't sleep because it's too hot? Remember how I once was in Zimmer Twins at 11:00 PM
because it was 35 Degrees Celsius (at ELEVEN PM) and I couldn't sleep because it was WAAAAAAAY too hot, LOL?
-Blah :)

@Blah: Ah, yes that's true

@Blah: Ah, yes that's true too :) They probably started doing the voting just after you got off XD I'm tired. It's 12:03 and I couldn't get to sleep. I'm gonna go to sleep now, goodnight!

@rad256, What EVer You think

@rad256, What EVer
You think I know what's going on? You should change that equation a bit. Poles, Australians, AND Canadians gone for the night = Americans doing something without us. I have NO idea of what the voting thing is, I only realized when I got on here.
-Blah :)

@Rad256: Yeah! It's funny

@Rad256: Yeah! It's funny because I think we're the only ones on. I'm sometimes alone XD I have to go now though. See you tomorrow!

@What ever Same here. Poles

@What ever
Same here. Poles and Australians gone for the night=A bunch of Americans and Canadians doing something without us :|

What's up with all this

What's up with all this voting stuff? I see heaps of movies titled 'Vote For Me!' LOL, I'm not on for 24 hours and something interesting always happens here :)

Rhyming: me, see, we, key, flee, tea, he, be, bee, knee, ye', she, tree, agree, sea, three, pea, PC, TV, yippee. That's all I got XD

A lot of people said my movie

A lot of people said my movie "The Beauty And The Edgar" should get a must-see make sure to watch :)



I'm ticked cause I don't

I'm ticked cause I don't think the U.S. Goverment has a right to spread there SOPA and PIPA laws around the world....
P.S. This is turning into a riot!

@rad256, Theodore Oh, and you

@rad256, Theodore
Oh, and you would not BELIEVE what's going on in Youtube! There are riots and flamewars, because Youtube allows swearing, and people go on SOPA/PIPA videos and start flaming them like crazy! Most sites are holding a protest, but Youtube is one of the few sites to be holding a riot!
-Blah :)

Yeah...Facebook is the main

Yeah...Facebook is the main protestor according to some people.
Xat is protesting too.

@rad256, Theodore Ikr! I

@rad256, Theodore
Ikr! I heard that at least 12 major websites began protesting as of January 18, 2012. Club Penguin has many protesters, because CP is protest central. Wikipedia and Google were in Blackout. ZT is protesting by making movies. I heard Roblox is making minor protests as well.
-Blah :-)

@Theodore Yeah....I hope they

Yeah....I hope they won't be passed.


zimmertwins,jellybeans ...;D

@Theodore Not if

Not if Facebook,Twitter,YouTube and even Club Penguin and Zimmer Twins protest against it like we are doing now.

@Blahbumian My account won't

My account won't be harassed either,since I live WAY far from the U.S.

@rad256 Have you heard of the

Have you heard of the Youtube user Chuggaaconroy? Chuggaaconroy makes video game walkthroughs on Youtube. On July 19, 2010, Chuggaaconroy's account was suspended and harassed on Youtube, because appearantly, his walktroughs were "copyright material". His account was eventually restored, but if SOPA and PIPA are passed, Chuggaaconroy will be harassed again, since he lives in the USA. I also make video game walkthroughs on ZT, but I live in Canada so my account wont be harassed.
-Blah :)

@Blahbumian I also often make

I also often make series based on real shows.
Halloween Scariness=House of Anubis
Rad256,VP=True Jackson,VP

And a few more.

@Theodore OK, so Obama is

OK, so Obama is against the bills. Now, I'm going to look up and see what Stephen Harper and Julia Gillard (Prime Minister of Australia) think of these bills, and see if I can find answers.
-Blah :)

@Theodore OK, so Obama is

OK, so Obama is against the bills. Now, I'm going to look up and see what Stephen Harper and Julia Gillard (Prime Minister of Australia) think of these bills, and see if I can find answers.
-Blah :)

@Theodore: Yeah, I heard that

I heard that Spain is against SOPA and PIPA, and that's good. I'm not sure about what Stephen Haprer thinks about the bill, but I recently looked up Harper's e-mail adress and E-mailed him to say the I am against SOPA and PIPA, and I hope Canada doesn't make any laws like that. Maybe you should do the same thing to Obama, send him an E-mail with your regards on SOPA and PIPA.
-Blah :)

@Theodore Also, the

Also, the Australian Internet is largely controlled by the U.S Congress. The Australian Parliament should also be able to control it's own Internet, not the U.S Congress.
-Blah :)

@Theodore I agree. The U.S

I agree. The U.S Congress had now become the governing body of the Internet. Here in Canada, many people say that Canadian Internet should be controlled by Parliament. I agree. Since I live in Canada, I think that Stephen Harper and the Canadian Parliament, the government that I have a say in, should decide what happens on the Canadian Internet. I don't have a say in U.S Congress, so why should they control my Internet? They can control the U.S Internet, but not Canada!
-Blah :)

@Theodore Actually, ZT has

Actually, ZT has some small copyright material. Firstly, the Total Drama Island-based series that some ZT users (includng me) have made. Secondly, my walkthroughs. You know Chuggaaconroy on Youtube? His account was once harassed because appearantly, he had "copyright material", which were his walkthroughs. Since I make walkthroughs on ZT, that could be counted as "copyright material". The good thing is, Canada does not have SOPA or PIPA laws, so ZT wont be affected.
-Blah :)

Dear JCee and Site Editors, I

Dear JCee and Site Editors,
I have a question to ask you. Here on ZT, are we allowed to make a peaceful protest? I'm asking this because me and several other users on ZT have decided to peacefully protest against the SOPA and PIPA laws that may be released by Congress. Are you familiar with them? So I'm asking permission from you to let me and those other users protest. I will keep it peaceful, we will follow the website rules.
-Blah :)

@Surfer45 I don't get what

I don't get what the difference is between SOPA and PIPA. They're the same laws, just in different legislatures (one in Congress the other in Senate). Even if just PIPA or just SOPA is passed, It'll be bad.
-Blah :)

@Theodore Actually, only PIPA

@Theodore Actually, only PIPA will be discussed next Tuesday. SOPA was pushed until early February.

Also, when I wrote down words

Also, when I wrote down words that rhyme with ain I forgot to add these two words. Insane and sane

Ugh, I can't make or watch

Ugh, I can't make or watch movies for some reason. When I do, it just stops loading. Sorry, no movies tonight D: It's also the same with YouTube.