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Rhymes make for great movies. How many words can you think of that rhyme together? The first person with the most words wins. Website rules in effect of course.

I'll start: rug, bug, pug, lug, snug, dug, tug.

@Theo I Don't really want

@Theo I Don't really want Newt to win do you?

@rad and Sue lol

@rad and Sue

@Sue22 Sis,ya know mama ain't

Sis,ya know mama ain't gonna see that.

My mom went to the doctor and

My mom went to the doctor and she bought me this pretty blue skirt Thank you mommy!

Congrats to all

Congrats to all winners!!!


@Toby OK,But many others

OK,But many others don't know.

@rad i was just adding to wat

@rad i was just adding to wat mprincess said :P

@Toby & Everyone Who Doesn't

@Toby & Everyone Who Doesn't Know This:
The Mods watch every single movie members make,so if you made a movie 2 or more days ago,and it's not a must see,it never will be cause the mods already saw it and rejected.

I've been trying to make a

I've been trying to make a must see

http://www.zimmertwins.com/node/12 457 08
http://www.zimmertwins.com/node/12 455 17
http://www.zimmertwins.com/node/12 453 80
http://www.zimmertwins.com/node/12 4 4940
http://www.zimmertwins.com/node/12 44 802
http://www.zimmertwins.com/node/12 44 661
MOST AWESOME ONE > http://www.zimmertwins.com/node/12 43 946

We need a new must-see. Any

We need a new must-see. Any suggestions?

@What EVer It rains in the

@What EVer
It rains in the summer in Canada as well, but that's when we get strong thunderstorms, ussually, with lots of winds. In the winter, it's cold rain and no storms or winds.
-Blah :)

@Blah: Same, it rains a lot

@Blah: Same, it rains a lot in Australia in the Winter too. It's strange that it's raining in the Summer :\

@Theodore I don't know , I'm

I don't know , I'm not sure what State of Union is. I think that yes, you can ask Harper questions on Yahoo, but I'm not sure, I'll double-check. You can also send Harper an e-mail on the Prime Minister's official website.
-Blah :)

@Theodore Well, I prefer

Well, I prefer asking Stephen Harper questions. That way, I can get answers from my own government. But maybe I might ask Obama some questions too, since he's doing a good job being President. :)
-Blah :)

Let's get 200 comments

Let's get 200 comments everyone!

@Theodore True. But do you

True. But do you think child abuse would be the tradition of a culture? I don't think abusing children is a part of "Russian culture".
-Blah :)

@Theodore I agree with you,

I agree with you, Russians should immigrate to Canada, USA and Australia and Poland and other countries where children are protected. Canada has many Russians, about 510,000 Russians. Some Russians come to Canada and treat their children well. But I've talked to some Russians and they think that child abuse is completely normal. I see that some children of Russian immigrants in Canada are also really scared of their parents.
-Blah :)

@Theodore Yes, in Russia,

Yes, in Russia, many children are very scared of their parents. Russia doesn't guarantee human rights for children, which allows parents to control their children. And that gets out of hand. Many Russian children are scared of their parents, and just try to get through life this way thinking it's a "regular part of life". But it's not. It's discrimination. And Russia is where it's very common. This bothers me a lot about Russia.
-Blah :)

@Theodore,rad256 Russia

Russia violated the right to democracy, the right to speech, etc. Also, in Russia, it's common that children are hurt and abused by their parents. In all civilized countries, including Canada, USA, Australia and Poland, parents know how to figure out situations with their children rather than hurting them.
-Blah :)

No Subject

I agree!

@Theodore Once during the

Once during the elections votes were counted unfairly. They did other bad stuff,but I am forgot.

I'm off to school i suggest a

I'm off to school i suggest a valentines day drawing or movie making contest end on 2/10/12 :D

No Subject

I agree!



When is the next contest

When is the next contest going to happen?
btw 130th comment

Whoa there! slow down! take some time and enjoy the content ^_^

@Blah Yeah,that's true!

Yeah,that's true!

^^ ..


@What Ever In the winter, it

@What Ever
In the winter, it rains a lot in Canada! Except we get freesing rain!
-Blah :)

@rad256 OK, it's true that

OK, it's true that Russia is not a DICTATORSHIP. But however, I would NEVER call Russia a democracy. Russia still has a lot of Human Rights Violations, doesn't properly count it's votes, and it's really in the middle of a dictatorship and democracy. I could say that.
-Blah :)

@Blah: Yeah, same in

@Blah: Yeah, same in Australia. Today for some reason, it was raining! We haven't had any warm days for ages :(

@Blah,Theodore It's true the

It's true the votes weren't counted.
and I know about Vladimir Putin,Vladimir Lenin,Joseph Stalin,but I'm telling you Russia isn't a dictatorship anymore. Poland is very close to Russia. I know. TRUST ME!

@Haleyvic Yeah, it's happened

Yeah, it's happened to me too, a couple of times!

@Theodore Theodore, I saw

Theodore, I saw your Opinions on Norway, and can you make an Opinion on The Bahamas movie? I might make one as well.
-Blah :)

@Theodore I know, Russia's

I know, Russia's NOT communist. But it's NOT democratic. Russia is STILL a dictatorship, and I don't know who would say it's a democracy. Russia even held a federal election on December 4, 2011, and Hillary Clinton said that the results were not fairly counted. Where did you hear that Russia is a democracy?
-Blah :)

@rad256 I know, but the

I know, but the salaries are very small. Also, did you read about Vladimir Putin? He violated a lot of people's Human Rights. Also, look at the Wikipedia page "Democracy Index". It will give you the level of democracy for each country. Take a look at those things, because I'm PRETTY 99.9 percent sure that Russia is NOT a democracy.
-Blah :)

I have a question, site

I have a question, site editors.
I tried to use the movie making tips, but my movie title turned brown. So that's the question: Why did my movie turn brown? It happened twice. (I deleted them.)

@Blahbumian Thanks! Oh, and I

@Blahbumian Thanks! Oh, and I think every one else did a good job too. :)

No Subject

I agree!

@Blah Moscow is one of the

Moscow is one of the most expensive cities! Also,I went on Wiki and found out Russia IS a democracy,now.



@What EVer Yes, it gets

@What EVer
Yes, it gets around 30 Degrees Celsius. But like I said, when it gets really humid, which happens for a few weeks, it gets up to 40 degrees and higher!
-Blah :)

Blah: I agree! Our accents

Blah: I agree! Our accents both sound more like the American accent. Also, it depends where in Canada. I thought near the bottom of Canada (around Toronto) Summer would be around the early 30's or 20 degrees Celsius :)

@Theodore: Cool! Happy New Year :)

Congrats to the winners! Great job ;)

I'm watching Regular Show on Cartoon Network! XD

Oh, also congratulations to

also congratulations to Hayleyvic, Iashley, and Bebeonetwo for their wins!
-Blah :)

I won! Cool! Great work,

I won! Cool! Great work, everyone! And I managed to get on. What a great birthday!



Congratulations for Rhedd for

Congratulations for Rhedd for winning the contest!
Thank you so much! :)
-Blah :)

Cool, I won! :D

Cool, I won! :D

hey JCee!

hey JCee!

@Blahbumian In regards to

In regards to your peaceful protest question. Absolutely!
Great topic for debate by the way.

Alright, I think we have

Alright, I think we have given everyone enough time… Wow, great entries! I can see that everybody spent quite a bit of time on this. What a great resource of words for everyone to use in their movies!