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    1. Getting Started
    2. Membership
    3. Movies
    4. Ratings
    5. Points
    6. Favourites
    7. Search
    8. Flagging
    9. Site Requirements
    10. Feedback
    11. ZimmerSpeak
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  2. Getting Started Top

    1. What's this all about?

      On you create your own endings to one of our story starters. You may also create your stories from scratch. So put on your director's hat and you might just be our next featured movie maker!

    2. Who are the Zimmer Twins?

      Edgar and Eva Zimmer are an ordinary pair of 12 year-olds except for one thing - they have psychic powers. They weren't always psychic though. The weirdness began when they adopted a black cat named 13. From that point on, strange things began to happen. How strange? Well, watch some of the starters and you'll get the idea.

    3. Why should I join?

      When you join you can save your movies and rate other people’s movies. The join page will get you started. Paid members can share their movies with the world and access bonus features. Take a look at the membership page for more details.

    4. How do I join?

      Go to the join page and fill in the form. You will need your parent or guardian's email address to join. If you need help, ask your parents or a friend.

    5. Will my personal information stay private?

      Yes. When you join you make up your own nickname that will be displayed alongside any movie you make. This is the only information others will see. All other information such as your email address will be kept private. See our privacy policy for more details.

    6. I forgot my login or my password. What should I do?

      No problem! Click on the Forgot Password link on the green sidebar. Enter your parent or guardian's email address or your nickname and we'll email you all the info you need to log in. Be sure to check your spam folder in case our email winds up there.

    7. How do I change my nickname or password?

      First you need to log in. Then you can change your nickname and password on your my account page.

    8. How do I change my email address or contact info?

      First you need to log in. Then you can change this information on your my account page. If you change your email address, it's very important that you update your account page.

    9. Why can't I use my real name as my nickname?

      Your nickname can be seen by all the others visitors to the site. To keep our site a friendly and safe place, you are not allowed to post your real name or any other private information. Your nickname must also not contain any inappropriate language. Decisions on appropriate nicknames are made by the moderators. You'll find more information in our code of conduct and terms of use

    10. How do I tell if I'm logged in?

      When you're logged in, your nickname appears in the green sidebar on the lefthand side of every page.

  3. Membership Top

    1. Why should I become a VIP member?

      VIP members can share their Zimmer Twins movies with the world. Plus they can review other member's movies and get access to exclusive animation clips for their movies! To learn more visit our membership page.

    2. Why isn't my movie showing up on the Watch a Movie page?

      Only VIP members have their movies visible to the public in areas like the Watch a Movie and Spotlight pages.

    3. What happens to my movies if I don't renew my VIP membership?

      The movies you made as a VIP member are still visible to everyone on the website. But new movies you make won't be visible to the public until you renew your subscription.

    4. Why are VIP members the coolest people around?

      Because their membership fees keep the Zimmer Twins website ticking along! We genuinely appreciate this financial support and so should you! A big round of applause for our VIP members!

  4. Ratings Top

    1. What's a rating?

      Members can rate movies on a scale of 1 to 5.

      Best of the best!
      Really good!
      Getting better!
      Keep practicing!
      Needs some work.

      Ratings give members an idea of how popular their movies are (but remember - popularity isn't everything!).

    2. How do I rate something?

      Just click on the rating paws on the movie's page.

    3. My movies are being rated very low, what can I do?

      Remember that ratings aren't really important. If you want to improve your movie ratings, simply create a new, hold-on-to-your-hat-Steven-Spielberg movie and you should see your ratings go through the roof!

    4. How are ratings calculated? What do they mean?

      The rating displayed beside a movie is the average of all the ratings given by members. Ratings are only calculated when a few members have rated a movie.

  5. Points Top

    1. What are points?

      Points are a quick way to tell how much a member participates on the Zimmer Twins. The more movies and comments a member makes, the more points they earn. You can see a member's points meter beside their nickname on their movies and comments, or you can see a member's tagline and how many points they have at the top of their movies page.

    2. How do I earn points?

      You can earn points by making movies and leaving comments — the more stuff you make, the more points you'll earn! You can see your tagline and how many points you have at the top of your my movies page.

    3. How do I get a new tagline?

      When you earn enough points, you'll get a new tagline and an extra bar on the points meter that shows up beside your nickname.

      Tagline Points Meter
      Certified Spoon Bender 2500
      Competent Clarivoyant 1000
      Amateur Astrologer 500
      Faux Fortune Teller 250
      Ouija Board Operator 100
      Psychic Trainee 0
  6. favorites Top

    1. What's a favorite?

      Your favorites are a list of the movies you have selected as your favorite movies on the site. By adding a movie to your favorites list, you can quickly find it again by clicking on the my favorites button on any page.

    2. How do I add a movie to my favorites?

      Click the favorite button on the page containing the movie you like.

    3. How do I remove a movie from my favorites?

      Click on the favorite button on the page containing the movie.

  7. Site Requirements Top

    1. What browser do I need?

      We strongly recommend that you use a recent version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Firefox is available for PC, OSX (mac), and Linux.

    2. What plugins do I need?

      To use the site, you will need to have Flash 9 (or higher) installed. Flash is a free download from Adobe.

    3. What kind of computer do I need?

      • Computer running Windows with a 1.5Ghz processor or faster.
      • Computer running OSX with a 1Ghz processor or faster.
      • A screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater.
    4. Do I need a broadband internet connection?

      Yes. We recommend a 1Mbps or faster connection such as would be found with a DSL or cable connection. While a slower connection may work, you will have to be extraordinarily patient.

  8. Feedback Top

    1. Something on the site is broken. Can you fix it?

      We certainly can try! Before you report a problem, please check our site requirements. If your computer meets these requirements and something still isn't working properly, then let us know about it by using the contact form. Please be as specific as possible when you explain what the problem is and we'll make every effort to fix it.

    2. How can I make suggestions for the website?

      We'd love to hear from you and, unlike the Zimmer Twins, we're not psychic! To make a suggestion, use our contact form.

    3. I think the Zimmer Twins are super cool. Do you like fan mail?

      In our books, fan mail is right up there with free samples of chocolate and fairy floss. We LOVE fan mail! Our team put a lot of work into creating the Zimmer Twins and it's always nice to here from you. Drop us a line with the contact form.

  9. ZimmerSpeak – Glossary Top

    When you make your own version of a movie from one that someone else has already created, you are collabo-writing!
    Messages from members about what they think of a movie.
    Crowd Pleasers:
    The top-rated movies as decided by other members.
    An ending is the animation which you create to finish off one of the story starters.
    Your own personal list of favorite movies. Once you've added a movie to your favorites it's very easy to find it again.
    A movie is a starter plus your unique ending put together to create a complete story from beginning to end.
    Must-See Movie:
    Movies that are so clever that the Mod Squad just had to let everyone know.
    The name you use on this website. Your nickname appears on all of your movies. Be creative and make something up. Don't use your real name.
    A starter is the beginning of a movie, which we've already created, ready for you to finish.
    What people think of the movies on a scale of 1 (not so good) to 5 (amazingly fantastic!).
  10. VIP Membership Top

    1. Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

      You will not be automatically charged. We only bill a one-time fee for the subscription. You can renew at any time on our renewal page.

    2. What happens to my movies if I forget to renew my account?

      All of the movies made while you are VIP member remain publicly viewable. But new movies made after your subscription has run out will be private. You can renew your membership at any time.