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Happy 4th of July!

It's a day for celebrating and fireworks! All the best to our American members as they celebrate today! Maybe we'll see some red, white and blue themed movies? :)

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Happy Canada Day!

For those of you in Canada, I hope everyone is having fun celebrating this weekend. Canada Day also means the beginning of summer. Yaay! Some of our members might be away on vacation, but don't worry they will be back! Are you going away this summer?

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In our latest Must-See by catboy the Zimmers (and 13!) make fish and bungee cords appear by zimmerizing. What would you make appear in a flash?

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Summer Weekends!

It's a beautiful Friday!

What are you up to this weekend? I hope it's full of fun!

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I've planted a new garden at home. The flowers are blooming and some delicious vegetables are starting to pop up!

Have you ever tried to plant and grow anything? It's that time of year!

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Fête de la Reine : Victoria Day

In Canada today is Victoria Day. It is a countrywide holiday that historically celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday. Some also consider it a celebration of the beginning of summer like Memorial day in the United States. For most of us it means an extra long weekend. For all the Canadian ZT fans, happy Victoria Day!

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May + Strange Weather

For those of us in the East in North America, this sure has been a weird spring. In Toronto yesterday there was snow and hail. What is the craziest weather you can remember? Oh and before I forget a quick congrats to Nessa!

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Brain Power

Our latest must-see Inventing Wars by StarSky gives us a great imaginative look at the history of inventions.

What crazy invention would you invent to help you out day-to-day?

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Our Spring Winners!

It's finally starting to feel like spring. Thanks to all our users who entered and made me look forward to the warmer weather!

The winners are:
It's Spring Song by Halekeiki
My Last Name Is Spring Parts 1-3 by Hanbanana2
Spring is NOT here by rad256
Spring Cleaning by sugar puff
Spring Apalooza by pills900

You've all had one month free VIP added to your accounts! Congrats!

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3 More Days

The contest closes this Friday. Get your spring inspired movies in now!

Just put the word 'spring' in your title to qualify!

Good luck to all our wonderful users :)