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Play Ball!

Are any of you watching The World Series? If so, who are you cheering for?

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October is going by quickly and soon it will be Halloween! Do you know what you're going to dress as yet? Let's hear all of your creative costume ideas.

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Best Movies

Now that we are all settling back in at school, it is time for a recap. Who do you think has made the best back to school movies? It can be from this year, or from long ago. Thanks for the suggestion Penguin316!

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123, ABC

The fall means back to school. How are you feeling about going back?
Nervous, excited, both? Hope you all have a great time back with your friends!

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The end of the summer in Toronto means going to the Exhibition. It has crazy snacks, roller coasters, games and more! Do you have an amusement park or fair that you go to? Who here is a daredevil and loves the coasters?

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Summer Drinks

rad256 asked for a blog about your favourite summer drinks. Here it is!

What's your favourite summer drink?
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Field Trip

Everybody loves a field trip! What's the best one your class has gone on?

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It's our second user requested blog! Multiple people showed interest in a blog post about languages. Can you speak more than one language? What languages would you like to be able to speak?

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Happy Canada Day

We want to wish all of our Canadian users a happy Canada Day! I hope your day is full of maple syrup, poutine and fireworks!

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A couple of blogs ago jaaszi asked if we could have a post about video games. What a great idea!

What video games do you like playing? My favourite is Mario Kart. What's yours?