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Monkeying around

Have you ever been to a zoo? If so, what's your favourite animal to visit when you're at the zoo?

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What are you looking forward to most this summer?
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1, 2, 3, 4

I like to collect things. How about you?
Tell me about some of the cool things you're collecting!

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Happy Earth Day!

rad256 had a great idea for a blog. It's all about today - Earth Day!
What kinds of things do you do to help the environment?

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The sun is shining and spring is here! What is different in your neighbourhood? Do you have any new neighbours? Is there a tree that is missing after the winter? Have you seen any spring flowers popping up? Tell us what is new.

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10 Whole Years!!!

The Zimmer Twins launched on March 14th, 2005. We're incredibly proud that it's still going strong ten years later. Thank you to all of our wonderful users over the years for the awesome movies you've shared with us!
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Luck of the Irish

We're coming up on St. Patrick's day, so I want to see your best movies about luck. Do you think you're lucky?

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MegaGamer1 wants to know what your favourite ZT movie is! Collabowrite their movie to add yours!

My Favorite ZT Movie! by MegaGamer1

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Quick question

Would you rather be really tall or really short?

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Happy New Year!

We want to wish all of you a wonderful new year! Let's make 2015 a rockin' year!