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Buying gifts for friends and family can be tough. I'm making my way through Christmas lists hoping to bring everyone happiness.

What's the best gift you've ever gotten? I'm always looking for great ideas!

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Black Friday

What country calls today Black Friday? Do you think we need all the stuff that we buy? Make a movie and tell us what you think. Call it Black Friday.

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For those of us in the northern hemisphere winter often means colder weather. What does winter mean to you? Does it snow where you live? Or maybe it is warm. What are you pulling out this month winter coats or swimsuit? Which season do you like best?

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Our keen-eyed member rad256 pointed out that the Zimmer Twins hit 1000 Must-See movies today!

Congratulations to Rhedd for making the 1000th Must-See!

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It's Remembrance Day here in Canada and that has me thinking about heroes.

Who are your heroes? They can be people you know, or people you admire. There are a lot of great role models out there so let's hear them.

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Have a fun day!

Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, be safe and have fun! This is one of 13's favorite days of the year. He likes to dress up as well... himself!

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Do you prefer tricks or treats on Halloween? If so what kind of tricks or what kind of treats? JCee definitely likes treats, anything with marshmallow :)

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Zimmer Twins at School launches

Hi teachers!

We're proud to announce the launch of Zimmer Twins at School, our Zimmer Twins website geared towards teaching professionals and designed for classroom use.

Zimmer Twins at School has the characters and the moviemaker your students love, with new teacher-friendly class management tools and privacy settings.

We like the new site so much, that we're offering free VIP memberships until November 30th. Go take a look around, we're sure sure your students will love it.

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You know what October means...

Halloween is around the corner and I have no idea what to be!

I'm sure you guys have some great costume ideas. What are you going as? Do you have any suggestions for me?