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Halloween Winners

Your Halloween movies were so great we couldn't pick just one winner - we picked five! Here they are:

A Halloween Surprise by Ben99
The Halloween Spell by illustr8r
Halloween Costumes! by Kaymaster8
Edgar's Halloween Costume by Excalibur9
It's Halloween? by icookoobir

Congratulations to our winners. You will all have one month of free VIP status added to your accounts.
To those who didn't win, don't fret! We loved all of your movies and will be having more contests soon.

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Dressing Up

The Halloween contest is in full swing, but what I really want to know is what are you dressing up as this year?

What was the best costume you ever wore?

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We're halfway through October and that means there are only 15 more days to make your Halloween movies to qualify for the 1 month VIP giveaway.

Reminder: This contest is open to current VIP and non-VIP members and all you need to do is make a movie with the word "Halloween" in the title to qualify. You can enter as many times as you'd like!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends today. What are you thankful for?

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Spooky Contest

Boo! It's time for a Halloween contest. We want to see your best Halloween movies all month long! To enter make sure the word "Halloween" is in the title of your movie.

Good news - this contest is open to VIP and non-VIP members!

The ZT team will pick our favourite movie from the month and announce the winner on October 31st, 2012. The winner will receive a one month free VIP membership.

Good luck!

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Hidden talents

Do you have any weird hidden talents? We want to know! Can you touch your tongue to your nose? Or maybe your talent is even stranger!

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A Helping Hand

In our latest Must-See 13 sings for charity.

Have you ever raised money for charity or volunteered?

Helping people in need is a wonderful thing to do!

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It's that time of year! By now most of you have started heading back to school. What's been your favourite part so far?

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Red Faced

We've all been there - you forgot your homework, your shirt's on inside out or you trip in front of the class. How embarrassing!

What's the most embarrassing thing you've had happen to you?

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Dance Party!

Blahbumian is looking for users to star in next week's Dance Party Friday. We hope this party continues on every week - the ZT crew love dance parties!

Check out the movie here!