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Summer Series

Bored this summer? Need ideas for what to do? What about creating your own animated ZT series. What adventures will Eva and Edgar get up to? Travel? A new sport or hobby? Maybe they will learn a new song or a new magic trick? You decide!

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The most wonderful day of the year

Wow, it's already Christmas. What special things did you do today? Maybe a time to make a merry movie?

From all of us at Zimmer Twins have a wonderful holiday season!

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Fall Spotlight

Now that we've had a few weeks of school I think it is time to check out all the new movies that have been made. A few of you have been busy suggesting Spotlight worthy movies. Great work Delta8 and others. Let us know who you think deserves a spotlight.

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Summertime fun

Looking over older movies, here is a great one by Camii. Great idea to think about your favourite fables and build new movies. Who remembers Jack and the beanstalk? Let's have fun and make some great movies this summer.
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Are you ready for the ...

Something is coming up this week. Depending on where you live, can you guess what it is?

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Is it spring yet?

Happy Easter! We hope you all did something special. What was the best thing you did last weekend?

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The countdown to the holidays is officially on! Less than two weeks to go. Are you staying at home for the holidays? Do you travel to see family? What are your plans? Agree if you are home for the holidays.

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8 Days Until...

Edgar and Eva love this time of year! 8 days until Halloween. What will you dress up as?

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It is that wonderful time of the year. Yay!

School is almost out for the summer.

What plans do you have? Will you travel? Go to camp? Maybe do some gardening. Let us know!

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Happy Holidays!

The holiday means giving and receiving. What did you give, what did you get?