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Gone Fishin'

Hi everyone,

I'm going fishing this weekend.

Have you ever gone fishing? Did you catch anything? I hope it was a big one.

Let me know!

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Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

What's your favourite thing to do on a hot day?

What's your favourite thing to do on a hot day?
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We love moms!

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend. Moms work so hard to keep us happy and healthy so it's important to let them know just how much we appreciate it!

What are you doing for your mom to show her how much you care?

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Chores Shmores

We all hate them, but they must be done!
What's your least favourite?
Mine is doing the dishes - yuck!

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Earth Hour

Earth hour is this Saturday. Will you be participating?

The ZT team love finding ways to help do our part.

What things do you do to help save the environment?

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Director's block

Directing a movie can be tough work! What tips do you have for our members who may have some director's block?

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Hey everyone,

I've just gotten back from a relaxing vacation on the beaches of Florida. It was very hot and tons of fun! It's March Break here this week and there are spring breaks happening all over the world.

What kind of vacation would you like to take?
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Happy Leap Day!

Fun fact: February 29th only happens every four years! That means if you were born on February 29th your birthday would only come around every four years! You'd be the smartest and oldest looking 3 year old around.

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Must-See Tips!

We get lots of emails from users asking how they can get their first must-see. Here are some tips:

  • Be original - is it a story we haven't seen before?
  • Be funny - movies that make us chuckle are always a good bet.
  • Tell a story - make sure your movie has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Hope these help steer you in the right direction!

Do you have any movie-making tips? Let us know below!

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Fa la la la la!

To get you in the mood for the holiday season why not check out Zimmer Bell Rock by stylin!
What is your favourite part of the holiday season?