The Zimmer Twins is a fun way to incorporate technology into the classroom. Watch your students expand their vocabulary, practice proper writing habits, and become junior movie producers all at the same time! Take a few minutes to explore the Zimmer Twins and so you are familiar with the site before using it with your students.

Lesson Plans

Getting Started

The best place to start is the help area. Here you'll find answers to common questions as well as movies that act as great guides to new comers. Take a moment to watch the Zimmer Twins Tour and the How To Make a Movie. Note that these movies use audio so you will need speakers or headphones. Try out the editor yourself by clicking on Make From Scratch on the Make a Movie page.


To save movies visitors need to get a nickname and password by joining the site. Members also have access to other features such as rating and commenting on movies on the site. To register you will need to provide your date of birth, the country you live in, a nickname and a valid email address. Once you have registered we send you an email with a password to use to sign in. For more information look in the help area.

Setting up accounts in a classroom can present challenges. Students may not have their own email addresses or may not feel comfortable using them. They also may not be able to access their email from the classroom. Here are some options:

  • Use the site without accounts. Kids can make and watch a single movie without an account. This can be suitable for younger kids or situations where students are learning the basics.
  • Set up a single account for all the students. Sign up an account for your class and give each student the nickname and password. This is the quickest way to let your students save their movies. However, you'll need to keep track of which student created each movie. We suggest having the students include their first name or a number in the name of the movies they make.
  • Set up accounts for each student using an email account you provide. Ask the kids to fill in the registration form but use an email address that you provide. Then you check this email account and let each student know their passwords. If you don't want to share your primary email address with students create a free hotmail or gmail and use that.

Remember that students are welcome to set up their own accounts at home with the help of their parents.