The Team

Jason Krogh
Producer - Interactive
Anne-Sophie Brieger
Producer - Television
Aaron Leighton
Creative Lead
Luke Lutman
Interactive Designer
Colin McCune
Server Programmer
Ashok Modi
Server Programmer
John Park
Flash Programmer
Chris Forrester
iPhone Programmer
David Colquhoun
Director Programmer
John van Bruggen
TV Show Writer
Les Solis
Director/Lead Animator
Lou Solis
Director/Lead Animator
Kyle Sim
Audio and Video Editor
Vanessa Leggett
Stephen Evans
Elaine Hsu
Background Artist
Steve Wilson
Background Artist
Greg Zajac
Lip Sync
Todd Westendorp
Clean-up Artist
Lauren Menzo & Jorah Dawson
Voice of Eva
Ben Head & Louis Grise
Voice of Edgar
Daniel Davies
Voice of 13
Adam Kennedy
Additional Voice
Brian McBrearty
Music Composition
Mireille Messier
Kate Henderson
Craig Catalano
Fusion Sound and Picture


Special thanks to: Steve Szigeti, Ruby Zagorskis, Athena Georgaklis and Dominique Dussault at TELETOON Original Programming, Trevor Van Meter and Jerrold Connors. Thanks also to Debbie Liu, Jennifer Coombs, Rhya Tamasauskas, Adam Kennedy, James Walker, Ken Cunningham, Craig Marshall and all the moderators for their contributions to the Zimmer Twins.

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